I Love My Circle

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I Love My Circle.

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I Love My Circle

Author: Joshua Burr
Release Date: March 01, 2016
Genre: Arcade, Action
Bundle ID: com.ilovemycircle.ilovemycircle
iOS minimum os version: 8.0
I Love My Circle supports the following languages:
Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android Apps

The number of installations from Google Play per year ranges between 50 - 100.
The average rating is 4.88.
In App Store, the game was rated by thousand users, with the average rating being 0.
Judging by the number of downloads and the ratings, the I Love My Circle: Horde Invasion app is more popular among Android users.

The game is being continuously updated. The latest update was released on March 01, 2016.

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All you want is to live in peace with your circle. Unfortunately the rectangles don’t approve of your love and will stop at nothing to drag you apart. I Love My Circle is a challenging, unputdownable game with simplistic gameplay and a clean, minimal style. Avoid becoming separated from your circle while dodging and smashing through an onslaught of jealous rectangles. Fight your way through a colourful rainbow of stages and challenge the Rectangle Lord for your right to love. Features: • An infinite arcade game that is easy to get into but challenging to beat. • Satisfying one-finger controls that allow you to fluidly dodge and smash your way though oncoming rectangles. • Five extra modes to unlock, including hard+ modes for those who can take it. • An awesome soundtrack created by Antoine Bardoz and finefin. • A minimalistic style that leaves the game screen free of any distractions. • Physics! "The controls are very smooth and good to use. You touch and drag anywhere to move your dot, swiping to use your dash. It's pretty clever." - Touch Arcade "Looks simple, gets tough, and very addictive!" - The SML Podcast "In short, a creative and novel arcade game that requires nimble fingers." - iPlayApps "The sheer creativity exuded by the enemy movement patterns coupled with its fine tuned physics engine give I Love My Circle an extra degree of finesse that elevates it above its peers." - Super Game Droid Web: http://ilovemycircle.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/joshdbb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveMyCircle/