Hidden Folks

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Hidden Folks.

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Hidden Folks

Author: Adriaan de Jongh
Release Date: February 15, 2017
Genre: Adventure, Family,
Bundle ID: com.adriaandejongh.hiddenfolks
iOS minimum os version: 9.0
Hidden Folks supports the following languages: Argentina, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, U.S. Virgin Islands, Serbia and Montenegro
Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android Apps

The number of installations from Google Play per year ranges between 1,000 - 5,000.
The average rating is 4.95.
In App Store, the game was rated by 3133 thousand users, with the average rating being 5.
Judging by the number of downloads and the ratings, the Hidden Folks: Horde Invasion app is more popular among Iphone users.

The game is being continuously updated. The latest update was released on December 14, 2017.

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Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!! A strip of targets shows you what to look for. Tap a target for a hint, and find enough to unlock the next area. In case you like numbers a lot: - 20+ hand-drawn areas - 190+ targets to find - 1400+ mouth-originated sound effects - 280+ unique interactions - 3 color modes: normal, sepia, and night mode - 100+ iMessage stickers - 1 iCloud sync - 22 languages (translated by the community) More areas and features to come!